Winter Reunion

The leaves have fallen off the trees and the Directors have gotten out their big coats… it must be time for the Winter Reunion!

The Winter Reunion for 2022 campers and staff will be on Saturday, Jan. 7th, 2023. We’re going to have tons of fun doing activities and reconnecting with friends, and we can’t wait to see many of you here!

For Campers

The Winter Reunion is open to all campers who attended a session at Onas in 2022. The Reunion will run from Noon-4pm and we will provide lunch for everyone who attends. If your camper would like to join us, please fill out this short registration form.

For Staff

If you were a staff member in 2022, we would love to see you at the Winter Reunion! We ask that all staff arrive at 11am on Jan. 7 and depart by Noon on Jan. 8. This way, we can set-up and clean-up for our campers and enjoy some fun together. If you will be coming, please fill out this short Google Form. And, if you are under 18, please have your parent fill out this permission form and email it to us before your arrival.