Camp Life

Campers choose their own activities from a daily schedule that can include


Woodworking, painting, basket weaving, photography, silk screening, tie-dye, jewelry making, friendship bracelets, collages


Basketball, soccer, blacktop hockey, softball, yoga, ultimate Frisbee, archery, four square, football, pool games, GaGa


Singing, dancing, story telling, theatrical productions, drama games, movie making, Onas band

Outdoor Skills

Hiking, gardening, composting, critter catching, fishing, canoeing


Daily free swim, swimming lessons, diving, pool games, lap swimming, water polo

In addition to the listed activities, there are lots of unique and zany Onas activities like “Bears,” “Circle O’ Talk,” “Leprechaun Houses,” and many more. Our counselors love to come up with new and creative ideas for activities, and the Program Director welcomes requests and ideas for activities you want to see on the schedule.

Daily Schedule

Our day is structured with four activity periods, each with about six activities to choose from. Each camper can choose whichever activity they wish; activities are not scheduled by bunk.

The Onas Day

WAKE-UP: The first bell of the day…

BREAKFAST: Cereal, french toast sticks, scrambled eggs, pancakes, hot chocolate, special Onas oatmeal, and a fresh fruit bar…you name it!

TENT CLEAN UP / CREWS: Everyone pitches in to keep camp clean.  You will do clean up crews with your meal table (things like setting and cleaning up for a meal, cleaning the shower house, sweeping the barn, picking up litter around camp).  Then, you will clean and straighten up your bunk with your bunk-mates.  Holly, Matt, or Dex (Camp Directors) inspect the bunks during first and second period, and everyone hears the results at lunch; there is a daily competition for the Bunk of the Day!

FIRST PERIOD: At assembly we find out what the activities will be. Campers choose where to go each period. We sing camp songs at assembly, and the counselors will do pitches to try and get you to come to their activities!

SECOND PERIOD: Another assembly, with new activities to pick from.  Examples: Softball, arts & crafts, swimming lessons, feed the animals, leprechaun houses, earthball…etc.

LUNCH: Back to the dining hall for grilled cheese, hoagies, cheese steaks or maybe tacos! (And a Peanut Butter & Jelly station and great Salad Bar every day!) After the meal we find out the results of Bunk Inspection.

REST HOUR: A break during active Onas days is essential! Rest hour is a time to hang out quietly in your bunk and read, write letters, play cards, or nap.

THIRD PERIOD: More great activities like letter writing, copper enameling, water polo, hunter, lacrosse and creek walk!

FOURTH PERIOD: And don’t forget archery, barn games, blacktop hockey, ultimate Frisbee, leaf prints, reading, and drama games. The list goes on and on and on….!

FREE TIME & FREE SWIM: The pool is open during free time for anyone who wants to go swimming.  Play in the shallow end with your friends, or jump off one of our two diving boards!
During Free Time, you can hang out in your bunk, play air hockey or board games in the Texas Room, go fishing at the pond, play basketball in the barn…walk around with your friends, visit the camp store for a few essential items (stamps, pens, batteries, toiletries) … basically, you can do what you like.  Your counselors will go over all of the areas that are “on-limits” during free time on the first day of camp.

DINNER: Lasagna, chicken nuggets, wing dings, macaroni & cheese, spaghetti, and more, plus the daily Peanut Butter & Jelly Station and a great salad bar every single night! After dinner we hear announcements, find out our crews for the next day, and where Evening Activity will be.

MAIL CALL: Head back to the Blue Side or Gold Side for mail call.  Letters are handed out, and campers who receive packages are sent down to the office/infirmary area to receive them.  Remember – the best way to get plenty of letters is to write plenty of letters and postcards at the beginning of the session.

EVENING ACTIVITY: A time when the whole camp gets together to do something really fun like tent skit night, prisoner’s base, a campfire, the dance, capture the flag, or pool party…followed by ice cream, cookies, or another small snack!  We even have candy night twice in a two-week session!

BED TIME: Some bunks play an end-of-the-day game like “Rose & Thorn;” some counselors read to the bunk, sing, play guitar, or come up with unique bed time traditions.