Mission, Values, and Vision

Our shared purpose, beliefs, and aspirations.

Our Mission

Building a community of people who are joyful, confident, kind, and engaged.

Our Values

Our program and the community we create are guided by what matters most:

  • Respecting and caring for ourselves, our peers, and the world around us
  • Self-exploration and taking healthy risks
  • Becoming confident in who we are and what we can do
  • Learning to challenge and also accept limits
  • Careful listening and empathetic understanding
  • Making space for, and welcoming, a diversity of perspectives and experiences
  • Creative, compassionate, and collaborative decision-making

Our Vision

Camp Onas is a…

  • Quaker-based organization that prioritizes human rights and the wellbeing of the Earth.
  • Foundational experience that inspires people to lead healthy lives and make a positive difference in their communities.
  • Equitable community that continuously evolves to ensure all people feel included, accepted, and affirmed.
  • Exemplar of face-to-face and relevant programming, and a collaborative contributor to the field.
  • Strong steward of simple, well-functioning facilities that support the emerging needs of our community.
  • Well-resourced organization due to widespread ownership and investment in Camp’s financial resilience.