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If you are interested in working at Camp Onas in the 2024 summer, this page is for you! Here you will find the most up-to-date information about becoming a CIT or submitting your application as a returning counselor.



For information on becoming a Counselor in Training (CIT) for the 2024 summer, keep reading! For last summer’s staff who are re-applying for this coming summer, you can find the application here on December 26th and additional information at the bottom of this page.


New CITs

Are you interested in becoming a CIT for the 2024 summer? We would love to have you!

CIT positions are open to anyone who graduated from Camp Onas in 2022 or 2021.

The CIT application process has three components: a written application, a group interview, and letters of recommendation. The written application for the 2024 summer will be available beginning on Dec. 26 and all applications must be turned in on Jan. 17.

All interviews will be held on Saturday, Jan. 20 or Sunday, Jan. 21. You will select a time slot for the group interview in your written application.

Your two letters of recommendation must be submitted by Jan. 30. The recommender form will be linked in the application.

We will notify applicants of our decisions on or before Feb. 23.

Applications open on Dec. 26 at this link.


New Older Staff

If you graduated from Onas before 2021 or are new to the Onas community, we would love to consider your application too!

Applications will be open from Dec. 26 – Jan. 20 at this link.

If you don’t think filling out a written application is the best way to tell us about yourself or if you need an accommodation, please reach out to Dex, our Assistant Director, at [email protected] or 610-847-5858.


Returning Staff

We’re so happy to hear that you’re hoping to come back to Camp!

The application for returning staff members can be found at this link. Applications will be open from Dec. 26 – Jan. 20, with decisions being made by Feb. 23.

In the near future, we will be sharing info on how you can talk to Holly, Matt, and/or Dex prior to finishing your application if you have any questions or would like to talk through possible roles for the coming summer.