Pioneer Program & Trips

  • The Pioneer is an out of camp trip for campers ages 12 and up. It involves two days of hiking on the Appalachian Trail and two days of canoeing on the Delaware River, for a total of four days and three nights away from camp. It is physically demanding and highly rewarding. The trip is led by experienced counselors, at least one of whom is certified in Wilderness First Aid, Life-Guarding, and Swift Water Rescue.
  • The Junior Pioneer, for campers under 12 years of age, consists of an afternoon canoe trip on the Delaware, a night of camping at a local park, and a hike followed by rock climbing in the morning.
  • Both the Pioneer and Junior Pioneer require the camper to have a permission form on file (available through the Parent Portal). And additional gear (please see the printable info page for the Pioneer Packing List). Although the permission form is optional, we encourage each family to submit it just in case your camper decides to sign up for the trip. Please note that filling out the permission form does not guarantee your camper a spot on the trip. Campers have the opportunity to sign up for the Pioneer and Junior Pioneer, and the Pioneer Director makes the final selection based on campers’ physical and emotional readiness for the trip, as well as space considerations.
  • In addition to the Pioneer, several other out of camp trips are offered.
  • A Dingle is the Onas word for a one-day canoe trip on the Delaware.
  • Ringing Rocks, a boulder field with exceptionally high iron content. When the boulders are struck with a hammer, they make a bell-like sound.
  • The Mercer Museum in Doylestown houses an eccentric collection of historical artifacts.
  • Kids’ Castle is a gigantic playground.
  • Other trips are offered from time to time, including Lost River Caverns and Eagles Training Camp.