Fundraising Tips

From all of us at Camp Onas, thank you for choosing to participate in our year-end fundraising and community engagement effort!

speech bubble that says "kind-fidence"If you’re reading this, you know Camp Onas is a special place where many hands make light (and often joyful) work. This year, our goals focus on community-wide participation, storytelling, and uplifting Onas values. Your time, support, and voice make a difference to our organization, and this page will tell you all about the ways you can lend a hand throughout the rest of 2023. Thank you!!!

Camp’s Goals:

    • Inspire 300 supporters to make a donation– of any size– between November 28th, 2023 (Giving Tuesday) and December 31st.
      • Camp Onas will fundraise via social media, email, and mail. By using your voice to amplify our messages, particularly on social media, we will be even more successful in encouraging community members and loved ones to join in.
    • Uplift Onas values and spread Kindfidence throughout the giving season.
      • Kindfidence /kīndfəd(ə)ns/noun – combination of kindness and confidence, used to describe positive feelings and actions among Camp Onas people!
      • Because financial contributions aren’t the only way people can make a difference at Camp, we are asking Onas community members to submit Camp or Camp-related stories of a time they felt, witnessed, or experienced an act of kindness and/or confidence. We will share these stories across our messaging platforms. 

In other words, there are two gifts anyone can make to Onas this season: 

  1. A charitable donation to Camp Onas
  2. A Camp story of Kindfidence

How to Help:

    • Participate
      • Make a donation of any size! It will help us toward our goal, and build momentum that encourages others to join in.
      • Submit your Camp stories of Kindfidence! Tell us about a time you built confidence, learned something new, made a special friend, experienced an act of kindness, or felt especially joyful. Your story can be from your time at Camp, or involve Onas friends or connections.
        • Email [email protected], or submit this form.
        • Post your story online, tagging Camp Onas (or send us a direct message if you’d like!)
        • Reply to our posts prompting story submissions and support the people who share their story
    • Share our messages on social media
      • Share our Facebook and Instagram posts to your Facebook Page and Instagram stories. You can choose to amplify our fundraising efforts, story submissions, or both!
      • Tip: Turn on notifications for Camp Onas social media so you know when we post.
    • Craft your own messages online, asking people to participate
      • Make your own post that tells your Onas story, why you support Camp, why others should join you, or all of the above! 
      • Tag Camp Onas if you want us to share your message. Not only will it help amplify our messages, but it will help us tell a collective story of Onas Kindfidence.
      • Use these links:
    • Tips: 
      • Use pictures to add depth to your message (and for the algorithm)
      • Make it easy for people to participate by using links and sharing our instructions.
      • If you don’t use social media, you can write an email!


  • Register now for the November 21st Zoom training/office hours, 6:30-7:30pm
    • Boost your fundraising skills, ask questions, get ready for Giving Tuesday, and hang out with Isabelle and Katie
  • Register now for the December 4th  Zoom training/office hours, 6:30-7:30pm
    • Another opportunity to learn more, ask questions, and organize for the remainder of the year-end giving season


More resources: