Four campers facing away from the camera with their arms wrapped around eachother's shoulders. Trees are in the background.

Support the Camper Aid Fund

When more kids can experience Camp…
…we all get more from the Onas experience

Will you help Camp Onas include more campers this summer by making a gift to the Camper Aid Fund?

Summers at Onas are unforgettable experiences. Under the stars, and with room to roam, campers find space to learn about themselves, each other, and the world around them. At Camp, we form special bonds with new people from backgrounds, locations, and cultures different from our own. 


And, when we can include kids, regardless of whether a family can afford tuition, we have more opportunities to build authentic friendships that embrace our differences, making Camp Onas all the more transformative, memorable, and joyful. 


Over the last several years, Camp Onas has made a sustained effort to reach beyond our loyal word-of-mouth network of families, friends, alumni, and neighbors. Our goal has been to connect with campers and families who might not otherwise know about Camp Onas, so that our community includes people with a variety of experiences and perspectives. 


For some families, tuition would be a barrier to attending were it not for the Camper Aid Fund, and thankfully  – through partnerships with organizations that fund camperships, and the support of the Camp Onas Community (you!) – Onas continues to provide Camper Aid to every family who asks.  


Will you help Camp Onas keep our Camper Aid Program strong by making a gift this year? This season, 46 campers will attend Camp Onas with the help of $48,350 from the Camper Aid Fund.  So far, we’ve raised about $31,350, and we aim to raise another $17,000 by September 30th to fully fund this summer’s camperships.


We are thankful for all of the people and organizations that have helped the Camper Aid Program grow; just as we are thankful to the families who recommend Camp Onas, and the families who put their  trust in Camp Onas each season… This strengthens our community, and just as importantly, makes the Onas experience better for all of us.