Common Questions and Answers


Have Questions? You’re not alone.

Here are some of the questions we’ve gotten so far, and where to find the answer.

  • When Can I Register? (click here)
  • Cancellation Policy Questions (click here)
  • What is the protocol for campers staying two sessions? (click here)
  • Will the Pioneer happen? At this point in time, we are not sure if off-campus trips will happen in the 2022 summer. (click here)
  • My camper will not quite be 8 by this summer, can they sign up? Maybe, it has a lot to do with the camper and how ready they feel. Please contact us.
  • Financial Aid Questions – We will be offering Financial Aid this summer. You can request an application when you register.
  • COVID-19 Questions – We’ve added a specific Q&A to our COVID-19 Reduction and Mitigation Plan and reading the plan is a great place to start.