Arrival, Departure & Visiting Day

Arrival, Departure and Visiting Day

A Printable Sheet of Summer Dates is available in the printable info section of this site.

Arrival (Check-In)

Check-In requires between 1 and 1 ½ hours and is always on a Sunday.

Check-In is an exciting time for campers and parents. The Onas staff and counselors want to welcome each child and help them settle in. Please follow these guidelines for an enjoyable and stress-free Check-In:

  • Girls Check-In starts at 2 pm and Boys at 3 pm. Families with both boys and girls can check their girls in first, and then come to the front of the line for Boy’s Check-In. Boys may not go onto the Boys Side until 3 pm.
  • Come to the Penn Pavilion, you will see it when you arrive. Campers must stay with their parents until they have been fully checked in, and your camper will need to be present to check in.  Do not go onto the “Sides” until you have checked in.
  • Girls bring their luggage to the Penn Pavilion. Boys’ luggage should remain in their cars until bunk assignments are received.
  • At the Penn Pavilion, campers are given their bunk assignments and medications are given to the Nurse or Health Care Manager.
  • Girls have their trunk or largest piece of luggage delivered to the Girls Side, and carry the rest. Boys drive their luggage to their units.
  • Parents should go with their campers to their bunks to meet the unit counselors. General and helpful information about your child can be shared with the unit counselor. Special needs, medical concerns, recent traumatic experiences or anxieties your child may be having should be noted on their health form and communicated to the Nurse or Camp Director(s) before your camper arrives. Sensitive information will be shared only with staff who need it to care for your child.
  • We ask that parents leave camp once campers are settled and involved with their bunk so that group activities can begin.

Departure (Check-Out) for Two-week Sessions

Check-Out normally requires at least 1 hour and is always on a Saturday for two-week sessions.  For one-week sessions, check-out is Sunday at 1:30 PM.

Campers may only be picked up by their custodial parents unless there has been advanced notification to the Camp Director(s) in writing.  Arrangements can be made at Check-In.

Check-Out on the last day of the session is from 10:00 – 11:30. It is a busy time for campers and counselors as we prepare everyone to leave or be visited. Our staff is unable to prepare campers to leave early or late on Check-Out day so plan on arriving within the Check-Out times. Come first to the Penn Pavilion where you will check out your camper, and pay your camper’s store fee, special program fees, medical expenses, and pick up any unused medication. Please bring a check or sufficient cash. We cannot accept credit card payments.

You will then head to your camper’s bunk where your camper will be eagerly waiting with their things packed.

You can speak with the bunk counselor about your camper’s experience at camp. Please carefully check that all of your camper’s belongings are packed and check the lost and found area.  The lost and found for the session will be on display at the Penn Pavilion – please look for your campers belongings. After your child has said their goodbyes, you are welcomed to tour the camp or visit the camp store at the Penn Pavilion for T-shirts and other camp items.

Visiting Day

All campers staying for two sessions must be visited on Visiting Day from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm, on the Saturday between sessions. Campers truly enjoy and benefit from a visit with family members or family friends, and the Onas staff need this time to prepare for the next session and cannot supervise campers. You will be responsible for supervising your camper from 11-4. Please inform the Director(s) ahead of time if someone other than a parent will be visiting your child on visiting day.

Come first to the Penn Pavilion to sign your camper out. Families can leave camp for lunch or bring a picnic to enjoy at Onas. There are places nearby for lunch and many interesting places in Bucks County to visit. See the Bucks County Visitors’ Bureau website for ideas. The Onas pool is open from 2:00 – 4:00 for families to enjoy.

Note: Campers staying Second and Third Sessions must leave camp overnight in between sessions.

Tipping Policy

It is the spirit of our Quaker camp that every staff member does his or her job gladly, to the fullest measure of their ability.  If you wish to express appreciation, it should only be done as a contribution to a special Counselor Fund which benefits all the counselors. This can be done at Check-Out. Please do not place our counselors in a difficult position by offering them individual tips.

All contributions go directly to the counselors, and are genuinely appreciated by our young and dedicated staff.

Guidelines for Parents while Visiting Onas

Smoking: Please do not smoke anywhere on Camp Onas property, at any time.

Pets: Please control and leash your pet while on camp grounds, if that is not possible please leave your pet at home. Our camp animals will not be leashed.

Special Assistance: If a family member needs assistance getting around Onas, please contact the Camp Director(s) before arriving so we can be ready to assist you.

Cell Phones: Please severely limit cell phone use while at Camp, please do not have your cell phone out.

Be prepared to wait in line: There will be a line for check-in and check-out. This line can take more than an hour to go through, depending on the number of campers coming or leaving.  We try to move the lines as quickly as we can, but we have limited staff available to check campers in and out, and often parents have questions or concerns that need to be addressed.

Hot summer weather can make the wait feel longer, and try peoples’ patience.  We thank you in advance for your patience on these busy days, and ask that you model the same behavior we ask from our campers by being courteous and following directions.  Yelling, cursing, and other outbursts directed at our staff will not be tolerated.