Ottsville: Our Home

The tradition continues

A wonderful description from 1971 summarizes all that is special about Camp Onas- “Onas strives to help each camper feel the joy of sharing in community living”- it is because of values like this that we all care enough to come back and give back year after year. It is also why it is so important to preserve and remember our history, to ensure that Camp Onas continues its legacy.



No other family has impacted the history and growth of Camp Onas like the Neiger-Gould clan. Spanning three generations, and seven decades, this extended family has filled many roles, including three directors, a nurse, four maintenance directors, a head cook, and many counselors.


Thank you for being a part of Camp Onas history … we hope you will be a part of its present as well!

You can find updates about what we’re up to at Onas by visiting our website, where you can see pictures and Onas news and updates.

Please stay in touch. Whether you visit us virtually, drop us a line to say hi, participate in a reunion or special event, or schedule a time to visit during the summer, we’d love to see and hear from you!