Camp Champions: Hannah and Nick
Happy Valentine’s Day! Today we celebrate a special Camp Champion duo, Hannah and Nick!
Former campers and counselors, Hannah and Nick met during their time on staff and are now building a life together in Philadelphia with their very good dog Ralph. Years after their last closing campfire, they never stopped championing their love for Onas, the lifelong friends they met here, and of course, each other! One of the ways they support Onas is by giving monthly donations, something they talked about and decided to do as a couple. We thought there was no better day to share what they had to say about Camp and the ways they continue to give back to the Onas community.
In addition to meeting each other and many of their closest friends at Camp, Hannah says “Onas taught me a lot about myself and helped me feel comfortable in my own skin. Through my time on staff, I grew as a leader and a friend. I learned how to foster creativity, problem-solve, and hold myself accountable. I also just learned how to have fun and live in the moment.”
When asked why he gives back, Nick shared that “I realized the kids have so much fun every summer because of the friends they make and the hard work staff puts in every day. My counselors gave me that same experience, and it’s a cycle that keeps renewing itself. I am happy to know that my support helps keep that generational cycle going.”
Hannah says, “Onas added so much value to our lives. We want as many people as possible to have the opportunity to spend their summers at Camp. Giving monthly helps with my own financial planning, and I know it helps Camp better anticipate their annual donations.” She also feels more connected to the community and more inclined to stay up to date. “I like knowing how my donations are helping!”
While Camp is still a huge part of their lives, they shared some things they miss most about Onas summers. Hannah recalls the chilly morning walks to the dining hall, falling asleep to the sound of cicadas, energetic song-singing and theme weekends, and the opportunity to let go and embrace nature for a full summer.
For Nick, he thinks of the closing campfires. “Closing campfires always felt like the time we were the most together. It was always fun seeing the bunks wrap up their session and talk about their favorite days. You could always tell the difference between the air of excitement on the first day, and the nostalgia on the last. It was a bitter-sweet part of the session, and a special one.”
When asked if they had anything else to say, Nick said “Beautiful Announcement.”
Thank you, Hannah and Nick, for supporting Camp Onas and for being our Camp Champions!