Camp Champion: Sabrina

Our November Camp Champion is Sabrina, an Onas Camper and Counselor alum. Her favorite camp food is butterscotch pudding with chocolate chips and her favorite camp activities are Gold Side bonding, theme weekend, the dance show. Sabrina now works in the entertainment industry. Sabrina used her comedy skills to make a reel to help boost Camp’s fundraising effort on this past Giving Tuesday.

Read about Sabrina’s Camp Onas story and how she carries Camp with her today:

Why is giving to Onas important to you?
It’s important because it’s a community that continues to give to me in so many ways through my life, so I want to make sure I am reciprocating that, and continuing to give back to it!

What do you miss about Camp Onas?
I miss everything. I miss how magical small, every day Onas tasks felt simply because I was there, surrounded by that community. I miss being in a space where every moment is geared toward the goal of connecting with each other, the nature around you, and having fun! And I miss how being silly, creative, and yourself is considered the ultimate superpower.

What are some things that you learned at Onas that are still with you today?
I learned that the best way to lead is to make the people on your team feel empowered and supported.

What’s your favorite place at Camp?
The Blue Side during golden hour, the Upper Fields at night, and the Gold Side at all times!

What else would you like to share about Camp?
Camp is the most special place to me, and through the relationships that have remained SO strong and constant in my life, I am reminded of this every day. I am forever grateful.