Information for Staff

Quick Info for Staff Before Arrival – Click here for 24-Hour Health Checks, Packing Info, etc. 

Dates for Staff.  Please note that Pre-Camp Orientation (training for staff) is mandatory for employment at Camp Onas. 

Mandatory Pre-Camp Orientation, 2020:

June 13-20, Senior Staff (arrive by 7pm)

June 14-20, Counselors and Senior Counselors (arrive between 7-8pm)

June 15-20, Junior Counselors (arrive between 7-8pm)

June 16-20, Camp Aides and CITs (arrive between 7-8pm)

*Staff missing more than 1.5 days of orientation will be expected to attend alternate orientation, May 22 (6pm) through May 24 (2pm).

Please note staff are asked to report at 11:30am THE DAY BEFORE campers arrive for the session (this will be a Saturday), and depart at 1pm the same day campers leave (also a Saturday).