FAQ – Vaccines & New Guidance


Based on CDC guidance, we have updated the pre-arrival requirements for vaccinated people:

– Fully Vaccinated (all vaccine doses received 14+ days prior to arrival) campers do not need to obtain a PCR test before arrival
– Partially Vaccinated campers still must obtain a PCR test.
– Vaccinated campers must upload a copy of their vaccine card to Campbrain.
– Everyone must do symptom tracking and self quarantine before coming to camp.

For the full updates, go here.


Will new CDC Guidance and the Availability of Vaccines to Younger Children change the protocol? 

We don’t know yet. There will be unvaccinated people among our population this summer, and we have a responsibility to prevent COVID-19 transmission (and mutation). We do know that we will not be requiring camper or staff COVID-19 vaccinations to attend Camp this summer, though we encourage eligible people to receive the vaccine.

It’s possible the testing and quarantine pre-arrival requirements might change when/if there is research or an official stance (and guidance) on the whether the vaccine prevents the transmission of COVID-19 by vaccinated people. That guidance does not yet exist, so we have to assume vaccinated people can transmit COVID-19 to others.

Staff may see some precautions relaxed between vaccinated staff, but any change would depend on guidance. 

At present, the CDC Guidance for Summer Camps ( 04/24/21)) and the Interim Recommendations for Fully Vaccinated People (04/27/21) offer conflicting recommendations, and we are in the process of  comparing them, understanding their intent, and assessing what we can successfully implement at Onas before we make a decision about any potential changes. 

To further complicate things, Pennsylvania has its own mandates which are more restrictive than the CDC guidance. While PA’s position may change, on today’s facts, PA requirements do not support changes to our existing protocol.

While the changing landscape of COVID-19 guidance reflects a move toward clearer, data-informed guidelines that may be less restrictive, there will be a point at which Camp Onas will no longer be able to consider relaxing its protocol, even if the guidance indicates it can be. 

We do not yet have a date established for making such a call, but we are nearing the point when continued changes to our COVID-19 Reduction and Mitigation Protocol could present a detriment to the design and execution of a successful summer program.

Presently, you and your family should plan and prepare to follow the guidelines we’ve already established. 

We will keep all staff, and the families of campers and staff posted about any updates to the protocol should we feel they are possible to implement this summer.