Set Up eCheck Payments or Installments

If you are interested in setting up automatic installment payments, please read the last section. (You will not see an installment option when you enter your payment; we will set it up for you).

Sign In

When you sign in, the button to make a payment is on the lower right of the first page. If you’d like to set up installments, please read the instructions below … the website won’t show it as an option.

Be Sure to Check the Payment Amount

After you enter your eCheck Information, please be sure to check and update the payment amount. It defaults to the full balance, and can be easy to miss.

Deposits are $400 for 2-week sessions and $300 for 1-week sessions, both of which include a non-refundable $200 registration fee.

If you need to make other arrangements or can’t swing the full deposit now, please reach out — we will work with you!

If you’d like to pay in installments (eCheck)

The system won’t show you the option to pay in installments … we will set them up for you after you enter your eCheck information by making a small payment of $20.21.

After you make your initial payment of $20.21, we will split your balance into equal payments, that will be charged to the bank account you set up. If you have not yet made your deposit, it will be included in your installments, not billed as a separate charge.

eCheck Installments: Your balance will be divided evenly and charged on the following dates. Your deposit will not be billed as a separate charge, it will be included in your installments.

Date of Automatic ChargeExample:
May 1, 2021 (5 equal installments f set up by 4/30)$320$175
May 15, 2021 (4 equal installments if set up by 5/14)$400$218.75
June 1, 2021$400$218.75
June 15, 2021$400$218.75
July 1, 2021$400$218.75