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Forms Needed for Camp

24-Hour Camper Health Check   – Please do not send this ahead.  It should be completed within 24 hours of arrival at Camp Onas. Please bring it with you on Check-In Day.

Medication Form & Information Sheet

  • Medication Requirements – An overview of requirements for all medications coming to Camp Onas with your camper.
  • Camp Onas Pharmacy Forms and FAQ  – The form Horsham Pharmacy will require to fill your camper(s)’ medication prescription. To reach Horsham Pharmacy directly, call 267-282-5747.  Speak with Christy or Tim.
  • Prescriber’s Order Form  – This form is optional.  Your prescriber may prefer choose to use their own format.

Printable Info 

Prescriber’s Order Form

2019 Session Dates (Arrival, Departure, 2-session visiting days, etc.)

Camp Onas Packing List

Pioneer Info & Packing List

Parent Handbook – updated April, 2019