Pioneer and Junior Pioneer

The Pioneer is an out-of-camp trip for campers 12 and over capable of backpacking and canoeing. It consists of a two-day hike along a section of the Appalachian Trail and two days of canoeing on the Delaware River, which includes white water canoeing. Participants sleep and cook outside in rugged campsites.

The Junior Pioneer is for campers who are not yet 12 but are still interested in a challenging and rewarding out-of-camp experience.  The trip consists of a canoe trip followed by a day of hiking and rock climbing the next day. On the Junior Pioneer campers do not carry a pack.

Fees: There is an additional charge of $145 for the Pioneer and $58 for the Junior Pioneer payable at the end of the camper’s stay.

Counselors experienced in the pioneer program lead the trips.  At least one counselor on each trip is certified in Wilderness First Aid or American Red Cross First Aid.  At least one counselor on the canoeing section is a certified Lifeguard and trained in Swiftwater Rescue. Each trip is carefully planned, and all campers receive special canoe training.

All campers who would like to participate must pass a swimming proficiency test and demonstrate the physical and emotional capabilities needed for the trip. The Pioneer Director chooses those campers she/he feels can successfully participate in the trip.  All campers must pass a swim test in order to participate in the Pioneer or Junior Pioneer.

Campers who do not have parental permission will not be considered — parents and guardians can grant Pioneer Permission when they register their campers.  The permission form is available in the registration portal.

Most campers who want to participate in the Pioneer program are able to, but there are a limited number of campers we can take.  This means that everyone who signs up may not get to go. 

Any camper interested in the Pioneer will need the following items to participate, and must bring these with them to camp if they hope to go on the Pioneer trips:

  1. Hiking boots* – Must be well broken in. This is the most important thing to have.
  2. 2-3 pairs of thick hiking socks (non-cotton)*
  3. Sturdy sneakers to be used while canoeing. Sandals or water socks are not allowed.  Toes must be well-protected.
  4. Poncho (a disposable, emergency poncho will work)
  5. Light weight, outdoor sleeping bag in stuff sack.
  6. Framed backpack* suitable for camper’s size and weight. A backpack may be rented from Camp for a $25.00 fee.
  7. Ground cloth – poncho can double as a ground cloth.
  8. Two canteens or water bottles (1 liter or larger)

 *Boots, hiking socks, and a hiking backpack are not needed for the Junior Pioneer.

Fees: There is an additional charge of $145 for the Pioneer and $58 for the Junior Pioneer payable at the end of the camper’s stay.

Financial assistance is available to those who have completed our financial aid application.