Older Camper Session

This summer, we are incredibly excited to welcome older campers back for a special one-week session! While we will be having lots of the same camp fun, the session will be a different version of camp specifically designed for the older campers who will be here. Later nights, more freedom, collaborative decision-making, and much more are all going to be a part of this summer’s older camper experience.

Dex Coen Gilbert
Dex Coen Gilbert

Our former Director of Older Camper Programs, Dex, will be directing this session and is looking forward to coming up with the many ways we can make this week as eventful and fun as possible. 

He will be hosting a Zoom meeting at 7:00 pm ET on June 15th and 16th to hear from campers about what they want to get out of the session and brainstorm together.

Zoom registration link coming soon!

If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas about the session, please reach out to Dex at friends@camponas.org, he would love to hear from you. 

If you are a camper attending this session, we would love to be able to contact you directly so we can get feedback from you and send you updates as we plan. Fill out this form so we can stay in touch.