Meals at Camp

Mealtime is an important time at Camp Onas.  All of camp sits down together for family-style meals three times a day. The meal is started with a short grace or moment of silence.

Campers sit with assigned, co-ed tables of all ages at meals, which helps build our camp community, and gives campers a chance to meet people who are not in their bunk.  They are at the same table for one week.  Meals are a time when all of camp is together, after the meals we usually have announcements (but don’t say the “A” word), and sing camp songs together.

During meals, the camp meal and a vegetarian option are offered, along with a salad bar (fruit at breakfast) and a Peanut Butter & Jelly station.  We offer nutritious, balanced meals, but cannot provide for alternative diets or special dietary needs.  Please contact us if your child has specific dietary restrictions — we will want to discuss how, and whether, your child’s dietary needs can be met at Onas.

Please talk to your child before coming to camp about how their dietary needs will be met here, this will help picky eaters confidently navigate meal time.

Some typical Onas breakfasts: Farm fresh eggs; waffle sticks; sausages; pancakes. Cereal, fresh fruit, and oatmeal are available every day.

Some typical Onas lunches: Hoagies; mini pizza; grilled cheese and tomato soup; corn dogs; Philly Cheeseteaks every Friday. Salad bar and Peanut Butter & Jelly available every day.

Some typical Onas dinners: Lasagna; lo mein; spaghetti and meatballs; chili, macaroni and cheese; Wing-Dings. Salad bar and Peanut Butter & Jelly available every day.