Mail, Packages, and Phone Use

Mail & Packages

Mail time is very popular; please write to your child early and often. Cheerful letters with news from home and encouraging words for their camp experience are helpful. Sad or negative news should wait until your camper returns home, it can be difficult to process bad news away from home. Campers are encouraged to write home at least once a session. If your camper sounds homesick or unhappy in the letters you receive, contact the Director(s).  If you feel you need to tell your child news that may be upsetting, please call the Director(s) to arrange when and how to tell them. Please do not send letters by fax or email unless asked to do so by the Camp Director(s).

Campers may receive packages with clothing, books, magazines, toiletries, stationery and other items useful at camp. Many parents send their child’s favorite comics or sports page from the paper. Please do not send food, drink mix, treats, money, or large objects. These items will be confiscated.  Please let family and friends know about our prohibited items as well.  We will attempt to return confiscated items to parents at check-out, but we have limited storage space, and will not be held responsible if prohibited items are lost.

We ask that you resist the urge to send frequent packages to your child. When one child receives a large number of packages it can create feelings of inequality and jealousy among other campers.  Sometimes receiving a lot of letters (several in a day, every day) can make campers self-conscience as well.  There is also very limited space in the bunks for non-essential items.

Please help us avoid a constant stream of delivery trucks, which disrupt camp life, coming into Camp Onas by limiting the packages you send.  Instead, channel your love and support into writing letters or postcards to your child.  They create much less waste and are just as appreciated by children.

 Phone Policy

As a policy, we do not allow campers to make or receive phone calls. The Camp Director(s) or Nurse will communicate to parents any problems a camper may be having. We do allow phone use in the case of a family emergency, and special arrangements may be made for a birthday call.  Please do not promise your child that they will be able to call you. A promise like that usually makes it harder for your child to adjust to camp and actually increases the likelihood of homesickness.