Giving Tuesday- 12/1/20

At its core, Giving Tuesday is the idea that individual generosity has the power to make positive change, and universal generosity has the power to change the world.

Each of us has gifts to offer, no matter what our individual contributions are. Regardless of which organizations, communities, or causes you support on Giving Tuesday, we hope you will participate.

Every generous act counts. Whether it’s helping a neighbor, advocating for a belief, supporting a friend, or giving financially.

If a donation to Camp Onas is part of your plans, your contribution will help Onas recover from last summer’s closure and prepare for 2021 and beyond.

If you can’t donate, you can help by sharing our message, starting your own fundraiser, or finding another way to carry the Onas spirit into the world through your actions. Not only on Giving Tuesday, but every day.

Make a Giving Tuesday Donation Today