Camper Eligibility & Behavior Guidelines

Camper Eligibility

Camp Onas respects the idea that not all camps are for all kids. In spite of all the fun, Camp Onas can be hot, buggy, rainy, and tiring. It is possible Camp Onas may not be the right fit for your child, so if you are having doubts, please include us in the conversation.

To attend Camp Onas your child must be able to have effective interactions in group-based activities and live and cooperate in a close, community-based environment. They must be able to meet their own personal needs (eg: able to walk distances, participate in their self-care, use the bathroom independently, advocate for themselves…) to successfully enjoy camp.

Campers must be fully immunized in order to participate in the Camp Onas program.  If you are not sure whether your child will meet the immunization requirements, please contact our office prior to registering your camper.

Behavior Rules and Guidelines

We expect campers to behave in a way that contributes positively to the camp community; campers quickly learn that our rules and guidelines help everyone have a fun and safe time at Onas. We help campers learn from mistakes and peacefully solve conflicts. Parents will be notified by the Camp Director(s) if a problem is developing with their child so we can work together to find a solution.

Camp Onas will dismiss any campers for the following:

  • The use of cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs
  • Harmful or anti-social behavior
  • Physical, sexual, or mental abuse, bullying
  • Willful destruction of camp property
  • Gross misconduct
  • Possession of cell phone or Wi-Fi device

Fees are nonrefundable in such cases.