Temporary Showerhouse Facilities

External View of Trailers
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In October, 2021, Camp Onas started the exciting work of rebuilding the Showerhouses, with plans to have the new buildings in place for the 2022 Summer.

But, due to construction delays, we’ve had to pivot to a temporary solution instead. In coming weeks, our contractors will begin securing the sites so construction can pause over the summer. And we will install temporary restroom and shower trailers for this season.

The trailers are quite nice, and we feel fortunate to have found a temporary solution that is clean, comfortable, and seems like a good fit for our program.

We’ve listed the answers to a few of the top questions we expect to receive below … If you have a question and don’t see it answered here, please reach out. We may not know the answer yet, but we’ll try to help!

Where will the trailers be placed?

The trailers will be placed on the sides, where they will be easily accessible to campers and staff living in the bunks. 

Will there be separate Gold Side and Blue Side facilities?

Yes. Each side will have its own pair of trailers: One with 8 showers and one with 4 bathrooms.

Will the temporary units provide privacy?

Yes! We are happy to have found units that include individual shower stalls, each with its own changing area. The restrooms are individual, private bathrooms too. This was important to us, because one of the objectives of our renovation is increasing privacy. We’re happy we won’t need to wait until 2023 to see this part of Camp life improve!

Will there be construction going on at Camp during the summer?

No. Construction will pause before campers arrive, and resume after the summer. We will make an effort to minimize the amount of space occupied by the building sites and materials. Even though they won’t be hazardous, the in-progress Showerhouses will be marked as off-limits areas this summer.

Will the trailers have enough showers, toilets, and sinks for the campers and staff?

Yes! The rental units are comparable to the old showerhouses. There will be 4 toilets and 8 showers on each side, and seven sinks. We plan to add water fountains and a spigot for filling water bottles nearby, they just won’t be part of the trailers.

Will this change the camp schedule?

We don’t think so … though if we find there is a long wait during high-use times, we may make adjustments. 

When will the new showerhouses be ready? 

We plan to resume construction immediately after the end of this season, and expect the new buildings will be ready for 2023.

How will the trailers be maintained?

Just as the Showerhouses were maintained daily, the trailers will be cleaned, sanitized, and stocked with supplies every day.  Trained staff will oversee the cleaning and sanitizing, and campers will help with tasks like sweeping and taking out trash as part of “crews,”. (“Crews” is the part of the day where we all pitch in to help keep Onas nice and clean). Any necessary repairs will be handled by the rental company, as part of our agreement.

Will these be like Porta-Potties?

No. The units will have hot and cold water, flushing toilets, and electricity — they will connect to our existing power, water, and septic, just like permanent buildings would.