Packing List & Tips

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View or Download the Printable Packing List – recently updated for 2022.

Here are a few packing tips from Holly & Matt: 

Don’t buy new stuff for camp if you can avoid it.

  • Camp is not the best place for new things. Outdoor living is often dusty, muddy, and/or wet.  And, we have a tendency to get busy and misplace things when we’re on the go. 
  • Thrifting, buying used, or asking friends and family if they have old gear they’re ready to part with is a great way to do this. 
  • Not buying new helps the Onas community, as a whole, reduce consumption and decrease waste. 

Less is more. 

  • There is limited space in the bunks, and part of the fun of Onas is roughing it, and using the belongings we do have creatively. 
  • Rather than packing everything you might need, encourage your camper to let a counselor know if they find they are missing something they truly need. 

Pack with your camper.

  • Include your camper in the packing process. This helps them know what they have, and where to find it. Including a copy of the packing list in their luggage, showing things checked off or with a note on where they are can help. 

Please pack belongings in a trunk, bins, suitcase, or duffle under 13.5” high.

  • This size will fit under almost all Onas beds. We prefer not to use blocks or stilts to raise the bunk beds. When we raise them, it reduces the space available to the person on the top bunk, which can be uncomfortable. 
  • We know camp trunks can become a treasured keepsake, and a quality trunk will last for years … If your camper has their heart set on using a trunk, EverythingSummerCamp is an online store that sells quality trunks 13.5” and under. 
  • If you already have a trunk that is more than 13.5” tall, that’s okay … we don’t expect you to buy a new one.  But please, if you are buying a new one this year, stick to 13.5” or less. 

Please don’t pack medications in your campers’ belongings.

  • Topical medications are often overlooked. (Any product with a “Drug Facts” label or an “Active Ingredient” is a medication).
  • Our health center is stocked with the most common over-the-counter meds, and we are prepared to treat the kinds of ailments that typically occur at camp.  (A complete list of what we stock appears on the Health History Form, for you to allow or not allow for your camper). 
  • If your camper needs access to a medication we don’t stock, they will need a prescription and prescriber’s order for our nursing staff to administer the medication. Please refer to our Medication Policy for more info.