Staff Forms

Copies of your Forms & Info Packet are available here for downloading.  Please Download the appropriate PDF:

Form & Info Packet for NEW staff, UNDER 18

Forms & Info Packet for NEW Staff OVER 18

Forms & Info Packet for RETURNING Staff UNDER 18 (as of June 1)

Forms & Info Packet RETURNING Staff OVER 18

Additional Info you may need if you are newly 18 or turn 18 during the summer:

An overview of Pennsylvania Requirements for Childcare Workers – For Returning Staff who turned 18 since last summer, and are PA residents. PLEASE READ

PA Background Check Instructions – Instructions on how to get your FBI fingerprints done if you need them this year.

Car Use Form for Staff Over 18 who will have a car– Only staff over 18 are permitted to keep/ use a car while at Camp Onas.