Staff Forms

UPDATE 8/15/2016:


PA Background Check Instructions for Returning Staff – We must have your completed background check information before you can receive your paycheck.

Dates and Packing List – Arrival and Departure times are included here.

PA Disclosure Statement – Required to be signed by the parents of staff Under 18 who have been PA residents for 10 or more years.  (This disclosure statement replaces the FBI background check for individuals who are Under 18 and have been PA residents for more than 10 years, when signed by a parent or legal guardian).

The forms staff are required to complete vary based on whether you are over/under 18, and whether this is your first summer working at Camp Onas.  Please download the correct zip file for your age and employment history.  If you have questions, or are not sure which forms you need to complete, please contact us.

Please allow plenty of time to complete your forms, any required background checks, and any required coursework.  Your forms are due to Camp Onas by June 1.  

Forms can be uploaded to your staff account (preferred) or mailed to the Camp Office.

The only exceptions to the June 1 deadline are:

FBI Background checks – must be have been started by the end of First Session (July 9).

Online training for Mandated Reporters (Recognizing & Reporting Child Abuse) – Must be completed before you arrive for Pre-Camp Orientation.

New Staff Under 18- All Forms & Instructions

Returning Staff Under 18

New Staff Over 18 – All Forms & Info

Returning Staff Over 18 -Forms & Info

If you are turning 18 during the summer, and intend to have a car at Onas AFTER you turn 18, you will also need a copy of the Car Information Form.  (Available in the Over 18 zip files).