2019 Payment Due Dates

Final, full payment for all sessions is due 8 weeks before arrival. 

Due dates by session arrival date:

Session 1/ Session 1A (June 23 arrival): April 28

Session 2 (July 7 arrival): May 12

Session 3/ Session 3A (July 21 arrival): May 26

Session 4 (August 4 arrival): June 10

As a reminder, we charge a $35 per session credit card fee for balance payments made on credit card.  There are 3 ways to avoid the fee:

  • Pay by Check (we never charge a fee for check payments)
  • Pay early on a credit card (Full balance paid by February 28)- More info below
  • Pay in installments (charged on the 15th of February, March, and April (4/16 because of weekend)) – More info below


The early payment deadline to pay by credit card and have the $35 per session credit card fee waived is February 28, 2019. For final payments made on a credit card March 1 and after, we will charge a $35 per session credit card fee . We never charge a fee for payments by check.


For families who have set up the installment payment plan, the installment billing dates are:

February 15, 2019

March 15, 2019

April 15, 2019