2018 Camper Aid Fund – Matching Gift!

2018 was a remarkable summer for the Camp Onas Camper Aid Program.  We distributed more aid, to more high-need families than ever before … $43,250 in aid was awarded to 62 campers for the 2018 summer, and our number of campers receiving major aid (more than $500) is at an all-time high.  We think this is great news for Camp Onas, and for our community, but it means the CamperAid Fund needs your support more than ever.

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How did this increase in our Camper Aid Program Happen?

This year, we had a rare opportunity that we seldom see … For two years in a row (2016 and 2017) we had large groups of older campers age out of our program, creating more vacancies than we generally see in any given summer.  This opened a window for us to fill those vacancies by recruiting more new campers from a broad range of communities, neighborhoods, and schools.  

As you may know, we usually fill very quickly due to the wonderful word-of-mouth recommendations of camper and alumni families.  We love that our friends are such great advocates for our program, and recognize how important your referrals have been to sustaining Camp Onas over time, and helping us grow.  Thank you, please keep it up! 

However, filling early through the word-of-mouth recommendations has had a flip-side too:  It means we need to make sure Camp Onas does not only admit campers whose parents know (and have the means) to register early. And it means we need to get the word out about Camp Onas in communities and schools where we don’t already have strong representation.

Through visiting with and talking to schools, PTAs, and community organizations, as well as some expanded advertising efforts, we have been able to connect with families and campers outside of our usual word-of-mouth network.  And, as we expanded our reach, we received enrollment requests from significantly more campers who require substantial financial aid.

We believe this is great for Camp Onas, its future, and our community, and we hope you will lend your financial support to help us cover this increased need for financial aid this year.

Camper Aid Donations are tax-deductible, with 100% of the contributed funds going toward camperships.

Thank you for your consideration and your support, and helping us prepare to offer the same level of financial aid next summer!

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