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The Camp Onas Camper Aid Fund, which provides tuition assistance (camperships) to campers has grown significantly in the last several years.

In 2016 and 2017, Camp Onas saw larger than usual groups of “graduating” campers (these are campers who aged out of our summer program).  Their departure created unusually large number of vacancies in 2018.

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Camp Onas saw this as an opportunity to reach out to communities beyond our usual word-of-mouth network and draw new campers from communities where we didn’t previously have strong representation.  Many of these new campers required financial aid.  As you can see in the charts posted here, the Camper Aid Program grew significantly in 2018, and again this season, as many of our 2018 campers returned, and recommended us to friends from home.

We believe this is GREAT for Camp Onas, our extended community, our staff and campers, and organizational future; and we are proud of, and thankful for, the support our community of alumni, families, donors, and friends has shown for this initiative.

Camp Onas is committed to increasing and celebrating diversity of all kindsReaching out to new communities and removing financial barriers are important parts of our multi-faceted work to achieve this goal.

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