We’re glad you’re thinking about working at Camp Onas this summer!

The application process for working at Camp Onas varies, depending on whether the applicant is over or under 18, and whether the applicant worked at Camp Onas the Previous Summer.

Please click on the description that best suits you to find out how to apply:

New Applicants (did not work at Camp Onas in 2017)–If you skipped a year or more, use the New Applicant process
  • Under 18- New Applicant – Please read instructions and download the Application Packet before applying.
  • Over 18 New Applicant (or will be over 18 by August 18, 2018) – New Applicants who are over 18 should proceed to the application website and complete the application for Counselors/Senior Counselors.
Returning Applicants (worked at Camp Onas in 2017)
  • Under 18 Returning Applicants– Please read the instructions and download the Application Packet for returning staff before applying (coming on January 9).  The application deadline for CITs is February 6.  The application deadline for JC positions is February 12.
  • Over 18 (or will be over 18 by August 18, 2018)– Returning staff over 18 should complete the online application, be sure to use the application for returning staff, it will save you some time.